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Hi, I’m Thai,

I live in Comox B.C. which is a province in Canada. I love sailing catamarans (a boat with two hulls) in the Comox harbor with my sail academy called Compass Adventure, I also golf and ski. My favorite color is blue, my favorite foods are pad thai (which comes from Thailand), pizza, pumpkin pie and for breakfast/desert I love to eat waffles, french toast and angel food cake.

I have one sister named Ambar she rides horses. I have three pets: two dogs named Max and Lola, and a kitten named Eddie. M,y pass time hobbies are to play board games, bike around town and play video games.

My favorite school subjects is math and science but i also like art, and unlike normal kids I actually like school ( sometimes when I’m not tired). My favorite season is summer because there is no school, but there are beaches and family trips. My favorite holiday is Halloween because my family and two other families plus lots of friends come over for a massive Halloween party every year.

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16 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Nathan

    Hi Thai
    I have never gone sailing before but I would love to.
    I golf though it’s really fun and I snowboard but I don’t ski but i’ll have to try to ski.
    My favorite food is pizza to and my favorite desert is apple pie.
    I like Science to it’s interesting for me and I also like P.E, I like learning new games in the gym.
    Have a great day.
    sincerely, Nathan

    • Thai

      hi Nathan,
      thanks for commenting on my blog, what is your favorite type of pizza?I personally like true Canadian from Panago pizza.
      Have a great day aswell
      sincerely, Thai

  2. Abbey

    Hello Thai,
    I also really like pizza and pumpkin pie, but angel food cake is the best! Whenever I come over to your house (to hangout with my best friend/ your sister, Ambar) I always love to play with your pets! I also think math is really Fun especially mathletics! I think school is fun to, especially because its a time that I can hangout with my friends and learn great stuff that I never would have learned without school. What is your favorite thing to do at school? I like recess because I get to go out and see Ambar and my other friend Jenny. My favorite season is Summer to because I just love the feeling of summer! I cant wait for your guys Halloween party!
    Goodbye and have a nice day!
    Sincerely Abbey

    • Thai

      hello Abbey,
      thanks for commenting on my blog and I think Lola likes playing with you as well, my favorite part of school as recess as well because I love playing four square with my friends. I can barely wait for my Halloween party to, But that’s okay because Halloween is tomorrow.
      have a great day and Halloween
      sincerely, Thai

  3. Mazbeen

    Hi Thai! I am Mazbeen from Mrs. Kriese’s class in Austin, Texas. You sound like quite a unique person. It is interesting to read about how different your hobbies are. For example, I’ve never even thought about learning how to sail, but after reading your post I feel like coming all the way to Canada to join your academy! Also, what is pad thai like? I’ve heard of it numerous times, but I’ve never tried it.

    Your life sounds like a movie to me because of the part where you mentioned that you “bike around town.” It sounds like the movie E.T. That sounds very fun, but I am not able to do that because in the area where I live there are highways everywhere and a lot of traffic. In addition, I also love Halloween because I get to be something or someone I am usually not.

    It was nice to read about you!

    If you’d like to visit my blog, you can click the link here:

    • Thai

      Hi Mazbeen,
      thanks for commenting on my blog and if my bike could fly because of an alien who needs to go home it would sound like E.T.
      Pad thai is delicious, but if your allergic to cashews it’s not as good because it tastes awesome with cashews.
      have a great day, sincerely Thai

  4. Gabi

    Hi Thai!
    Wow! I learned a lot about you in this post!
    That’s so funny that you like foods from Thailand! Did you get into sailing when we got those classes in grade four?
    I like playing board games too! It’s really fun when lots of people want to play. What’s your favourite game to play?
    Happy blogging!

    • Thai

      Hi Gabi,
      It is ironic that I like food from Thai- land( see what I did there). yes, when we got the classes in grade four I decided to try sailing again over the summer and now here I am. My favorite board game of all time is tied with Monopoly Millionaire and The Game Of Life.
      have a great day, Thai

  5. Connor

    Hey Thai
    I did sailing in grade 4 and i thought it was fun but i don’t think it was my thing. I also really like angle food cake. My step mom makes it and it is really good. I like to snowboard but I have tried to ski and I was bad.
    I like math to. But i don’t like science. When ever I come over to your house your dogs are so playful. I also really like summer because there’s no school. That’s like the best part. But I also love that the sun is always shining and I get to do biking and scootering.
    Sincerely Connor

    • Thai

      Hi Connor,
      I can understand if sailing isn’t your thing. I think Lola likes playing with you when you come over to my house. what do you like more biking or scootering?
      sincerely Thai

      • Connor

        Hi Thai
        I like to bike more than scootering because I love to go biking in the forest and hit big jumps.
        what would you rather do ski or sailing?
        Have a great day
        Sincerely Connor

        • Thai

          Hi Connor,
          I think it is really cool how you do those massive jumps in Cumberland and stuff. It is hard to say because I love skiing so much but sailing is also so fun but I think I would rather sailing. have you ever had a massive crash while biking in the forest,

  6. Gabriel

    Dear Thai,
    It is really cool that you live in Canada I have been there once because I live in the US. What is your favorite video game? I like playing video games as well. Another question I have is if you can visit my blog and finish my short story.

    • Thai

      Hi Gabriel,
      thanks for commenting on my blog. my favorite video game is probably battlefield it’s super fun and I recommend it.
      what state are you from?

  7. James

    Hi Thai,
    I enjoyed reading your post about you. I sailed in the compass adventure in gr. 4. I also love waffles. Whats angel food cake? I like to get pizza from dominoes a lot. Have a good day and keep blogging.

    • Thai

      Hi James,
      thanks for commenting on my blog. When we sailed in grade 4 with Mr. Otto’s class I figured out that sailing is super fun and that is why i joined.
      Angel food cake is like the best cake ever, it is best served with whip cream. My favorite pizza place is Panago pizza. have a great day,

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