The Life Cycle of Water in Winter


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As you know, winter is near and Halloween is past, but I never thought winter would be right at our doorstep.

It is November 2nd, just two days after Halloween and it’s snowing. No, it’s half a blizzard out there. I have never seen this much snow in November before. Besides that fact, I looked out the classroom window and thought, what would it be like to be a snow flake?

At first he’s just water vapor floating high in the sky and the temperature is -2 degrees Celsius, but hes not snow, Not yet.

All of a sudden he collides with a speck of dust. Now his water vapor has a surface to form ice on (science) and now he’s bigger but still merely a speck of ice.

Now hes colliding with more water witch means more ice soon he is heavy enough to start falling. He floats slowly but he’s gradually getting  heavier and heavier because he is colliding with bigger ice particles.

Now hes a snow flake, drifting down, down, down.

Now he can see the small town. The town’s only lights are the street lights. He is getting closer to the town now. Finally, he reaches his destination. He lands on the soft ground. His journey is now over…until he melts back into water and evaporates to become rain.

So now you know my version of the life cycle of water in winter, whats yours?

by Thai

4 thoughts on “The Life Cycle of Water in Winter

  1. Nate

    Hi Thai, I really like your post on how a snowflake is formed. I didn’t know how many stages there were to water droplets forming into snowflakes. Where did you go to find all the information? I found it really interesting.
    See ya later, Nate

    • Thai

      Hi Nate,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog. I like watching science shows, I was watching one on weather and it showed how blizzards form. I think there were like four stages in my post. what is your favorite form of weather?
      keep blogging, Thai

    • Thai

      Hi Jake,
      thanks for commenting on my blog. Once i made a snowball the size of half of my body it was really fun until it melted to a puddle and eventually evaporated…Rip Big Snowball 2015 December 17th- 2015 December 24th. have you ever made a massive snow fort/ snow ball?

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