Alphabet of Me


studio g Stamp Set Block Letters

A. Ambar is my sister.

B. I use bold to identify what each letter symbolizes.

C. I have a Cat.

D. I have two Dogs.

E. My cat’s name is Eddie.

F. I love to have Fun.

G. We had a Goldfish but he died by age.

H. I have never been in a Helicopter before.

I. I like building stuff that Interlocks with each other like Lego.

J. I really like Jellyfish because there super cool but they can kill you as well if you’re not careful.

K. I used to do Karate but I don’t take lessons on it any more.

L. One of my dogs name’s is Lola.

M.  My other dogs name is Max.

N. I like Neon colors.

O.I love Orlando Florida because I love going to Universal Studios.

P. One day I think it would be cool to visit the pyramids of Egypt.

S. I love Sailing catamarans.

T. My name is Thai and I like Tigers.

U. My favorite gaming company is called Ubisoft.

V. I love to venture outside.

W. I love to go to Wild Play. 

X. I have never had to have an X-Ray before because I’m very lucky.

Y. My dog named Lola is very Yappy.

Z. I love going to Zoos.

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4 thoughts on “Alphabet of Me

  1. Nathan

    Hello Thai
    I’ve never been on a helicopter to but I’ve always wanted to.
    I think its cool that you did a ABC about you and you fit all the words in the alphabet.
    I have two dogs to there names are Stella and Meeka, there both Yorkie’s, Meeka is seven years old and Stella is 1 and a half years old.
    I like going to zoo’s to, but I also like to go to aquarium’s, I have been to the Vancouver aquarium, have you been to the Vancouver aquarium?
    Have a great day.
    Sincerely, Nathan

  2. Abbey

    Hello, Thai

    I know Ambar is your sister, because she is my best friend! I also have one cat and two dogs, but you already know that. I do miss butter ball, he was such a great fish! How did he die again? I also did a post on Alphabet of me, and included Wild play in it so if you want to, make sure to go cheek that out. I really like the part where you added Lola being yappy. I thought that part of your post was really funny! Goodbye and have a nice day!
    Sincerely, Abbey

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