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Did you know that fourteen year old spies exist? Well they don’t unless you read the Alex Rider series. I love the series so that’s why I chose the main character of all the books.  In this blog post I will be sharing some learner traits that I think made Alex Rider who he is now. 

First of all, I think that Alex Rider’s most recognizable learner trait is definitely risk taking. I think he is a risk taker because he always gets himself into situations that are very dangerous. An example being when he was in the hot air balloon in England fighting one of Scorpia’s best men, after he discovered that what Scorpia’s Operation Invisible Sword was very lethal ( read the 5th book to understand more ).  

Another learner trait that I recognize in Alex Rider is industriousness because he gets his job done every single time. He never loses focus on what he has to do but it’s usually because whatever he is focusing on would have to be hard to forget because for Alex Rider it is something like a nuclear crisis or madmen with bullets flying all over the place. 

I think that his third most recognizable trait is confidenceEven though at some points in the books he is lacking the confidence to do something, he always finds and he is much more confident for even getting himself into situations like that in the first place. Some examples of his confidence are when he was trapped in the concrete  room while Venice was flooding and yet he had the courage to go down through the floor boards. Because there was no foundation, he fell into a hole full of water but there was a pipe. Long story short, he built up the courage to swim into a potential death trap. 

I want to conclude my post by saying how Alex Rider has shown that you can build up courage in any situation you are in no mater how difficult it might be. he shows that you can do anything even stuff you cant imagine yourself doing and yet you actually can, just like Alex Rider. 

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3 thoughts on “Alex Rider: Super Spy

    • Thai

      Hi, Allison(mom)
      thanks for commenting on my blog. I recommend the book but you should work your way up the series or else it won’t make sense, the first book is called Stormbreaker. what is your favorite book character?
      sincerely Thai

      • Alli

        My favourite book character of all time is probably Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird. She’s the first book character I remember- she is unique, her own person, bold and caring. She is inquisitive and curious. I think you’ll have to read this book in grade 10 English…

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