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Blue House 

A a week before Halloween and me, my sister (Ambar), and my dad, and I are leaving Vancouver island on BC ferries because we are going to Playland. If you don’t know what Playland is, it’s a small theme park and during October they have 8 haunted houses set up and when they do  they call It Fright Nights!!!

When we got to Horseshoe Bay, we drove down to the hotel. We checked in, dropped our stuff off and called a taxi to head down to Fight nights. When we arrived we had already bought passes so went in and showed the security people our tickets. But enough about that. Let,s get into the spooky stuff!

The first thing we did was explore the clown house. It was one of the best houses because it was 3D so we had to wear 3D glasses. We got to the front of the line, put on our glasses and went in (I am not going to spoil too much about the houses in case anybody decides to go). You first go through a mirror maze. I hit the pans of mirror twice because I was in front. Later we came to a room that had polka dots and there was an actor hiding in the corner but he was dressed in a polka dot suit. I hadn’t seen him when I walked past…I will never forget that…ever. Eventually we came to a place where you have to walk through a corridor but the walls were inflated. It was super fun!

 After that, we went to the new house which had a bunch of hillbillies in it. It wasn’t very scary although my dad ran ahead of us but when he tried to scare us it didn’t work because he had a red plaid jacket that someone could recognize from at least 600 meters away.

After that house, we wen’t to a house that had a massive mechanical demon in the front and when we went in, there were lots of catacombs and spiders  I have arachnophobia so… it didn’t go well for me when a massive mechanical spider jumped at me.

After the spider that half scared me to death, we wen’t down to a doll factory (I hate dolls, creepy or not, in my eyes there all evil) . After you wait in line, they take you into an elevator. About 30 seconds later, they let you out and you walk through a hall way, and there is a doll on a wheel chair that comes racing at you( not very scary, but I added it because I think it’s kind of funny). Later in the house you come to a room where there are multiple doors and they split you off but later you join back.

One of my favorite houses is called Fear. It basically has all the fears inside of it (including arachnophobia). I was more scared of the vicious dogs that jump at you than the spiders, but in the long run both were scary. There was a problem though last year for claustrophobia (fear of tight spaces that you can’t escape from) they put you in coffins but this year you just walk through a inflatable wall (at least it’s still fun) .

Another favorite of mine is Hollywood Horrors. You can find every famous horror film character in there like Freddy Crugar or jack from The shining. My favorite part of that house was in the end there was a guy with a chain saw. When he saw my sister he revved the chainsaw and pointed to my sister (you may think it is cruel but if you saw her face you would think other wise).

We wen’t to the original house as well because, why not? The original house is always open even in the summer, but we went to it anyway. My favorite part of this house is at the very end where you walk on a bridge over a spinning corridor that has blinking lights, it gives you horrible nausea, but it is so worth it.

That is the end of my blog post about the Fright nights at the PNE in Vancouver, thanks for reading and have a nice day. Have you ever been to an amusement park with haunted houses, if you have what was the scariest one? did it have actors in it? was there more then one house?

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4 thoughts on “Fright Nights!

  1. Allison


    I’m glad you described everything in such detail! I felt like I was there. I’m glad you guys had so much fun; going over to Vancouver near Halloween is a bit of a family tradition. Now that Ambar has graduated from the Halloween train to Fright Nights I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and graduate too! Hopefully next year or maybe even Halloween at Universal one of these years.


    • Thai

      Thanks for noticing the effort I put into this post, I think you should definitely come to Fright Nights next year for two reasons, 1 because it is super fun and scary at the same time and 2 because the Halloween train sucks and just looks fun because of the crappy decorations.
      From Thai (your son)

  2. Braelie Hoagland

    Hi Thai! My name is Braelie and I am a student at Stockton University. First off, Great post! Your post reminded me of this past Halloween when I went to a super scary haunted house with my two sisters (I’m the middle) and my brother-in-law! You seem like you were so brave and excited at the fright nights! I, for one, was petrified! I’m jealous of your courage!

    Keep it up!

    • Thai

      Thanks for commenting on my Halloween post and my blog,
      I was probably more scared then you think and if you wen’t to a haunted house it was most likely much, much scarier then Fright Nights and had more professional actors. what was the Haunted house you wen’t into like and what was the scariest part about it?
      sincerely, Thai.

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