My Amazing Trip to Universal Studios


Sunrise on the famous Globe

I recently wen’t on an amazing trip to a theme park in Orlando’ Florida. It was the best trip I have ever been on, It begun the second we left from our local airport on our way to Calgary where we would than switch to another plane which would take us to Orlando.

We were staying in a park hotel so we had access to fast pass and 1 hour early park entry so we could go to the best rides before they were crowded.

Day: 1. We started our first day (the day after we checked into our hotel) but getting up, grabbing a couple breakfast sandwiches from the hotels Starbucks, than catching the water taxi to take us to one of the parks (which is literal called Universal Studios. where we would start the day by walking to the other end of the park just to go onto a ride with our early park entry because it’s usually packed, to find it, well, packed. The ride was harry potter themed and was really fun, it was also just a couple of years old.

The ride was called Harry Potter’s escape from Gringotts. You start by walking into the bank where a bunch of animatronics, pretend write on paper on these huge desks that surround the room and there is one at the end of the hall that is much bigger (one thing about universal is that when you wait in there lines you have stuff to do such as look at cool things that are everywhere and I mean everywhere). After that you walk down or wait in a hallway with lots of door with voices coming from behind (probably speakers). Than you come into a room where there is a screen and basically they are setting you up for the adventure your about to have (a tour of the bank, what they don’t say is, well everything else). Than you go into an elevator that never actually goes down it just seems that way, you pick up sum 3D glasses, go up some stairs and get into a mine cart which is supposed to take you to the vaults.

This is where the ride begins, you are going pretty slow and come to one of those places where your on a wheel and it turns so you can travel on different tracks but when we get there the two people giving us the tour are already on the other side and a gate comes down blocking our path and a siren stars going, they say it’s the security system. than Voldemort and another person (I have never watched harry potter so I don’t know her name) and think we are the ones infiltrating the bank so they shoot something magic from there wands and the entire wheel turns, just not left or right it tips down but you don’t start going until it’s at a 70 degree angle, than you shoot down and it turns into something from space mountain. finally you slow down and once again a 3D screen, the tour hides are there and so is harry potter, and his friends (again, never seen the movie but I think they are Ron and Herminoe). And than these giant’s 4x the size of people have steel Armour and steel maces. They knock Harry and his friends off of there cart and the tour guides as well, than they “through” us down the track and we come to another 3D screen where one of the giants falls down a cliff while taking us with him. A wizard saves us than were on our way again, after that Voldemort and harry potter fight and we shoot away into a tunnel away from any danger and the ride is over. We wen’t on many more rides this one was the highlight.

Day: 2 On our second day we wen’t to Volcano Bay, It has a very cool entrance where you travel through a tunnel and come out near the lockers and shops. but walk a few feet more forwards and you will find yourself staring at a beautiful pool right in front of a massive man made volcano (volcano does NOT erupt). The park was amazing from scenery to rides, though my sister hates tube rides and that was what made up 80% of the parks rides we only got to go on three rides. The one i wan’t to talk about is super fun but if you ever go to universal’s Volcano bay, you should not ride this ride if you like to over think rides safety. It is very safe but doesn’t always seem this way, you start by going through a short tunnel and turn a corner (PS this is a tube ride) and you go almost strait down than come out of the tunnel but find your tube scaling a 70 degree wall than through a cool rapids than scaling another wall but it’s calm after that, SO FUN!!!!.

Day: 3 On the third day we wen’t to the last park, Universal’s adventure island, there is another harry potter ride here. you start by going through some sort of teleportation thing and come in at Hogwarts. you are chased by a dragon (in a 3D screen) but leave the 3D and come to a real life model of the school and it keeps changing from 3D screens to real life models of things. after the dragon you (did I mention you are on a flying broom?) fly into a spiders cave full of big spiders than you fly to a killer tree (I think it’s called a whomping willow) and you fly around it than come out and start playing a game (pretty sure it’s called Quidditch) and out of no where demons (think there called Dementors) and they chase you into a cave, than you fly back to Hogwarts and the ride is over. we wen’t on that ride 3 times and it never got boring.

Day: 4. We were super tired on that day so we did some minor things, mostly just relaxed at our resort and wen’t to another resort’s pool.

Day: 5. On day five we ree-did the original park and did all of the rides again, but like day 4 we were pretty tired plus we had to pack our stuff that night.

Food: for breakfast we wen’t to Starbucks and for lunch we usually just stopped into random stores but for super there were so many cool places to eat we had a scheduled where we each picked a restaurant, on the day we arrived we arrived we at at a place called Bice (it’s Italian so it’s pronounced Beach-a). on the first day we eat at a restaurant that was very steampunk, there food was pretty good but the best part was the scenery and the milk shakes, the place was supper cool with chocolate mixers (not real ones) and pipes and cool gadgets, and then there the milk shakes. There super ordinary, well, if your talking about taste but the one I got had a full sized cookie on top, also some Oreo and chocolate chip cookie bits in it, it was so cool looking. we wen’t to another restaurant that was right next to it (on a different night of course)called Hard Rock Cafe. it is super cool and there food is pretty good but once again the way they decorated it blows me away, they have a old fashioned car in the middle of the restaurant  by the way. another place we wen’t to for 2 nights was at our hotel, it’s Italian of course but the food is really good there.

I hope you enjoyed my SUPER long post about my trip to Universal Studios. and if I got into all the rides we wen’t on it would look like a encyclopedia so lets just say I didn’t wan’t to spoil it for you. I recommend going here strongly and it is by far my favorite theme park I have ever been to, and I have been to a lot of parks (Disney Land, Disney World, Bush Gardens, Sea World, P.N.E. (see fright nights post) and more that my computer wan’t let me type in because of spell check). Thanks for reading the hole post,

sincerely Thai.

Ps: This is my last post ever hope you enjoyed it.

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