Harris Burdick stories:Boy Wonder


Boy wonder 

April 21st, Friday 1996. It has been 24 hours since the accident at Greivers point, we didn’t believe what the locals from the area said about the accident but we took precautions just incase what they said is true. April 22nd, Saturday, The smoke is still rising from the laboratory, we thought the fire department would have put it out by now but no the plumb of black smoke just slowly rising every time we look out the window, taunting us to come near, like a cobra, somehow intriguing. April 23rdSunday, 3 days since the accident at Greivers point is when we start noticing little differences like noises and moved objects in other peoples yards like when Mr. Johnson’s pink flamingo got smashed. My mom is always  carefully peeking through our windows, trying to find something ,which reminded me of the people in Bigfoot documentaries, but not just that, she is being strange it started when she had to leave her job at the lab, it was so weird to see her like this because she usually seems more confident then dad. We were in the backyard helping my older sister with her garden, because I liked working around flowers, when we hard a CRASH!…to be continued