Messier 65

Stars, one of the most important parts of space. Stars have attracted me for a long time, at day just one can be seen, The Sun but at night millions upon billions light up the sky. I really like space,and I am going to do a post on just that today. I am focusing my attention on stars, in my opinion the most important part of space, why? Because they hold every thing together: planets, asteroids, dwarf planets all held together by the sun’s gravity,and when they combine they make the most beautiful things in the galaxy. Oh wait the beautiful thing is the galaxy’s they make.

They also produce light and heat. We couldn’t survive without them, but don’t be fooled they can also be the most destructive things we could ever imagine. From solar storms to super novas they could wipe out the human race in the blink of an eye. That is why they fascinate me so much. From stars the size of Jupiter to stars bigger than our solar system, you could fit 9.1 billion suns inside the biggest star (it’s called vy Canis Majoris) or 3 quadrillion 729 trillion Earths or 3 729 000 000 000 000 Earths. The smallest known star is only 20% bigger than our Jupiter which is 7.5% of our sun’s mass.

There are so many different types of stars from super big like the insane Hyper Giants to very small like a red or white dwarf star. There are also other stars with strange properties like the strange Pulsar that has two beams of extremely strong radiation and it makes it look like a disco ball because you can see  there is also something that doesn’t yet exist but eventually will, the black dwarf star, the black dwarf star is non existent because it is a extinguished white dwarf star, to make this easier to understand (or harder) basically a stellar nebula occurs and forms either a star or a massive star the normal star grows to become a red giant and then collapse into a white star while causing a planetary nebula and after the white dwarf star dies it turns into a black dwarf star but since it takes longer for a white dwarf to cool down to become a black dwarf then the universe has existed they have to be non existent.

Did you know that in approximately 5 billion years the sun will die? Yes in 5 billion years after a wonderful life of being a main sequence star will finally turn into a red giant then eventually explode and cause a planetary nebula. but we will be long gone before then. either exploring new planets, dead or some how stuck on the planet forever, but even if we were stuck on earth forever we would die from the suns heat before it died, I don’t wan’t to explain the hole posses so pretty much sun as fuel, fuel runs out, finds new hotter beater fuel, beater fuel makes sun bigger hotter and reder until it heats up the earth so much that it boils our oceans, but don’t worry we have 1 billion years till this happens.

List of all the star types ranging from smallest to biggest (because why not) (neutron stars will not be included because they can range from 20 miles to much bigger so they can not be classed) white dwarf star, brown dwarf star, red dwarf star, yellow dwarf star, main sequence star (our sun is main sequence) blue giant, orange giant, red giant, blue super giant, red super giant, blue hyper giant, red hyper giant. I hope you enjoyed my partly reliable list of star sizes. Now for the last little bit of info on stars, a “did you know”. Did you know that a black hole is real and it is caused by a super nova? Did you know that a brown dwarf star is a star that never formed during a stellar nebula? Did you know that neutron stars are so dense (compact) that if you took a tea spoon and scooped part of it up (if you could) it would way one million tons!?

That concludes my blog post on stars I hope you enjoyed reading this and comment what your favorite star is.

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Death In Space: Death By Broken Heater


In this post I will be talking about how dangerous space can be, when you have a broken heater! you may think “how is this dangerous” “what about oxygen isn’t that more dangerous” NO! heaters… they are the bane of all astronauts existences. Heaters are such important things but when they turn on you, you may as well just self destruct your ship along with your crew. Anyway I hope you enjoy story time on Thai’s Blog.

July 26th 2057 my last shipment of uranium ore back to earth before I could retire so this will be my last entry in my captain’s log. In the ship it is like 17 degrees and I am draining the water supplies. The temperature should be around 5 degrees. The air conditioning system is probably broken, again. Yup I just checked it, it always breaks down on this long route back to earth. The worst part is it isn’t reliable, last time I took this route it was like -20 degrees when I arrived. It also gets worse every time, sometimes I’m tempted to open a window or something but I quickly realize that I would be sucked out into the black abyess of space and never be found again. I get up and grab myself some ice cold water but it only helps for a couple seconds, I am starting to get worried about the heat my thermometer says 39 but I feel hotter than that, it is becoming unbearable I need a source of cold or a way to get rid of this heat, the heater has never acted up this bad before it is currently 65 degrees. I can no longer stand it, it is 90 degrees, have to open the window…AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this story by me and thanks for reading,

ps: don’t be cheap on air conditioning, it may just save your life.