My Amazing Trip to Universal Studios


Sunrise on the famous Globe

I recently wen’t on an amazing trip to a theme park in Orlando’ Florida. It was the best trip I have ever been on, It begun the second we left from our local airport on our way to Calgary where we would than switch to another plane which would take us to Orlando.

We were staying in a park hotel so we had access to fast pass and 1 hour early park entry so we could go to the best rides before they were crowded.

Day: 1. We started our first day (the day after we checked into our hotel) but getting up, grabbing a couple breakfast sandwiches from the hotels Starbucks, than catching the water taxi to take us to one of the parks (which is literal called Universal Studios. where we would start the day by walking to the other end of the park just to go onto a ride with our early park entry because it’s usually packed, to find it, well, packed. The ride was harry potter themed and was really fun, it was also just a couple of years old.

The ride was called Harry Potter’s escape from Gringotts. You start by walking into the bank where a bunch of animatronics, pretend write on paper on these huge desks that surround the room and there is one at the end of the hall that is much bigger (one thing about universal is that when you wait in there lines you have stuff to do such as look at cool things that are everywhere and I mean everywhere). After that you walk down or wait in a hallway with lots of door with voices coming from behind (probably speakers). Than you come into a room where there is a screen and basically they are setting you up for the adventure your about to have (a tour of the bank, what they don’t say is, well everything else). Than you go into an elevator that never actually goes down it just seems that way, you pick up sum 3D glasses, go up some stairs and get into a mine cart which is supposed to take you to the vaults.

This is where the ride begins, you are going pretty slow and come to one of those places where your on a wheel and it turns so you can travel on different tracks but when we get there the two people giving us the tour are already on the other side and a gate comes down blocking our path and a siren stars going, they say it’s the security system. than Voldemort and another person (I have never watched harry potter so I don’t know her name) and think we are the ones infiltrating the bank so they shoot something magic from there wands and the entire wheel turns, just not left or right it tips down but you don’t start going until it’s at a 70 degree angle, than you shoot down and it turns into something from space mountain. finally you slow down and once again a 3D screen, the tour hides are there and so is harry potter, and his friends (again, never seen the movie but I think they are Ron and Herminoe). And than these giant’s 4x the size of people have steel Armour and steel maces. They knock Harry and his friends off of there cart and the tour guides as well, than they “through” us down the track and we come to another 3D screen where one of the giants falls down a cliff while taking us with him. A wizard saves us than were on our way again, after that Voldemort and harry potter fight and we shoot away into a tunnel away from any danger and the ride is over. We wen’t on many more rides this one was the highlight.

Day: 2 On our second day we wen’t to Volcano Bay, It has a very cool entrance where you travel through a tunnel and come out near the lockers and shops. but walk a few feet more forwards and you will find yourself staring at a beautiful pool right in front of a massive man made volcano (volcano does NOT erupt). The park was amazing from scenery to rides, though my sister hates tube rides and that was what made up 80% of the parks rides we only got to go on three rides. The one i wan’t to talk about is super fun but if you ever go to universal’s Volcano bay, you should not ride this ride if you like to over think rides safety. It is very safe but doesn’t always seem this way, you start by going through a short tunnel and turn a corner (PS this is a tube ride) and you go almost strait down than come out of the tunnel but find your tube scaling a 70 degree wall than through a cool rapids than scaling another wall but it’s calm after that, SO FUN!!!!.

Day: 3 On the third day we wen’t to the last park, Universal’s adventure island, there is another harry potter ride here. you start by going through some sort of teleportation thing and come in at Hogwarts. you are chased by a dragon (in a 3D screen) but leave the 3D and come to a real life model of the school and it keeps changing from 3D screens to real life models of things. after the dragon you (did I mention you are on a flying broom?) fly into a spiders cave full of big spiders than you fly to a killer tree (I think it’s called a whomping willow) and you fly around it than come out and start playing a game (pretty sure it’s called Quidditch) and out of no where demons (think there called Dementors) and they chase you into a cave, than you fly back to Hogwarts and the ride is over. we wen’t on that ride 3 times and it never got boring.

Day: 4. We were super tired on that day so we did some minor things, mostly just relaxed at our resort and wen’t to another resort’s pool.

Day: 5. On day five we ree-did the original park and did all of the rides again, but like day 4 we were pretty tired plus we had to pack our stuff that night.

Food: for breakfast we wen’t to Starbucks and for lunch we usually just stopped into random stores but for super there were so many cool places to eat we had a scheduled where we each picked a restaurant, on the day we arrived we arrived we at at a place called Bice (it’s Italian so it’s pronounced Beach-a). on the first day we eat at a restaurant that was very steampunk, there food was pretty good but the best part was the scenery and the milk shakes, the place was supper cool with chocolate mixers (not real ones) and pipes and cool gadgets, and then there the milk shakes. There super ordinary, well, if your talking about taste but the one I got had a full sized cookie on top, also some Oreo and chocolate chip cookie bits in it, it was so cool looking. we wen’t to another restaurant that was right next to it (on a different night of course)called Hard Rock Cafe. it is super cool and there food is pretty good but once again the way they decorated it blows me away, they have a old fashioned car in the middle of the restaurant  by the way. another place we wen’t to for 2 nights was at our hotel, it’s Italian of course but the food is really good there.

I hope you enjoyed my SUPER long post about my trip to Universal Studios. and if I got into all the rides we wen’t on it would look like a encyclopedia so lets just say I didn’t wan’t to spoil it for you. I recommend going here strongly and it is by far my favorite theme park I have ever been to, and I have been to a lot of parks (Disney Land, Disney World, Bush Gardens, Sea World, P.N.E. (see fright nights post) and more that my computer wan’t let me type in because of spell check). Thanks for reading the hole post,

sincerely Thai.

Ps: This is my last post ever hope you enjoyed it.

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My Amazing product Squiggly Pet!!!!!


Hi. I have created a product for something called the entrepreneur fair. It is a little worm with a piece of fishing wire attached to the nose. I have created a survey bellow that I would like you to fill it out to help me with my survey.

Please don’t do it more than once because It can confuse the data I receive thanks



Messier 65

Stars, one of the most important parts of space. Stars have attracted me for a long time, at day just one can be seen, The Sun but at night millions upon billions light up the sky. I really like space,and I am going to do a post on just that today. I am focusing my attention on stars, in my opinion the most important part of space, why? Because they hold every thing together: planets, asteroids, dwarf planets all held together by the sun’s gravity,and when they combine they make the most beautiful things in the galaxy. Oh wait the beautiful thing is the galaxy’s they make.

They also produce light and heat. We couldn’t survive without them, but don’t be fooled they can also be the most destructive things we could ever imagine. From solar storms to super novas they could wipe out the human race in the blink of an eye. That is why they fascinate me so much. From stars the size of Jupiter to stars bigger than our solar system, you could fit 9.1 billion suns inside the biggest star (it’s called vy Canis Majoris) or 3 quadrillion 729 trillion Earths or 3 729 000 000 000 000 Earths. The smallest known star is only 20% bigger than our Jupiter which is 7.5% of our sun’s mass.

There are so many different types of stars from super big like the insane Hyper Giants to very small like a red or white dwarf star. There are also other stars with strange properties like the strange Pulsar that has two beams of extremely strong radiation and it makes it look like a disco ball because you can see  there is also something that doesn’t yet exist but eventually will, the black dwarf star, the black dwarf star is non existent because it is a extinguished white dwarf star, to make this easier to understand (or harder) basically a stellar nebula occurs and forms either a star or a massive star the normal star grows to become a red giant and then collapse into a white star while causing a planetary nebula and after the white dwarf star dies it turns into a black dwarf star but since it takes longer for a white dwarf to cool down to become a black dwarf then the universe has existed they have to be non existent.

Did you know that in approximately 5 billion years the sun will die? Yes in 5 billion years after a wonderful life of being a main sequence star will finally turn into a red giant then eventually explode and cause a planetary nebula. but we will be long gone before then. either exploring new planets, dead or some how stuck on the planet forever, but even if we were stuck on earth forever we would die from the suns heat before it died, I don’t wan’t to explain the hole posses so pretty much sun as fuel, fuel runs out, finds new hotter beater fuel, beater fuel makes sun bigger hotter and reder until it heats up the earth so much that it boils our oceans, but don’t worry we have 1 billion years till this happens.

List of all the star types ranging from smallest to biggest (because why not) (neutron stars will not be included because they can range from 20 miles to much bigger so they can not be classed) white dwarf star, brown dwarf star, red dwarf star, yellow dwarf star, main sequence star (our sun is main sequence) blue giant, orange giant, red giant, blue super giant, red super giant, blue hyper giant, red hyper giant. I hope you enjoyed my partly reliable list of star sizes. Now for the last little bit of info on stars, a “did you know”. Did you know that a black hole is real and it is caused by a super nova? Did you know that a brown dwarf star is a star that never formed during a stellar nebula? Did you know that neutron stars are so dense (compact) that if you took a tea spoon and scooped part of it up (if you could) it would way one million tons!?

That concludes my blog post on stars I hope you enjoyed reading this and comment what your favorite star is.

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Death In Space: Death By Broken Heater


In this post I will be talking about how dangerous space can be, when you have a broken heater! you may think “how is this dangerous” “what about oxygen isn’t that more dangerous” NO! heaters… they are the bane of all astronauts existences. Heaters are such important things but when they turn on you, you may as well just self destruct your ship along with your crew. Anyway I hope you enjoy story time on Thai’s Blog.

July 26th 2057 my last shipment of uranium ore back to earth before I could retire so this will be my last entry in my captain’s log. In the ship it is like 17 degrees and I am draining the water supplies. The temperature should be around 5 degrees. The air conditioning system is probably broken, again. Yup I just checked it, it always breaks down on this long route back to earth. The worst part is it isn’t reliable, last time I took this route it was like -20 degrees when I arrived. It also gets worse every time, sometimes I’m tempted to open a window or something but I quickly realize that I would be sucked out into the black abyess of space and never be found again. I get up and grab myself some ice cold water but it only helps for a couple seconds, I am starting to get worried about the heat my thermometer says 39 but I feel hotter than that, it is becoming unbearable I need a source of cold or a way to get rid of this heat, the heater has never acted up this bad before it is currently 65 degrees. I can no longer stand it, it is 90 degrees, have to open the window…AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this story by me and thanks for reading,

ps: don’t be cheap on air conditioning, it may just save your life.

Where I Live: Beautiful Vancouver Island



Comox Glacier on a February Morning.jpg

I live in a Province (Canadian version of States) called British Columbia. B.C. is a very cool place, it has mountains for skiing and beaches for swimming. You may think Canada is a cold, desolate place where everyone lives in igloos and wears fur Parkas, but we don’t. Our province (B.C.) ranges from mountains that will force you into igloos, but we also have places like Osoyoos where the water is as warm as the summer oceans in California and is surrounded by desert.

I live on an island called Vancouver Island, in a town called Comox. Comox is the best. Comox has beaches 5 minutes from your house and mountains for skiing, like Mount Washington.

Today in this post I will be talking about the pros and cons in the Comox Valley (Comox Courtenay and Cumberland). One of the cons that doesn’t always matter, but when you are lazy and don’t wan’t to get groceries and just need a bite to eat on Monday or Sunday, good luck, because there is nothing open ever, unless you don’t mind fast food. Now for a pro, one of the best things about the Valley is that you can go (if you are good with time) from skiing and to the beach in the same day because the mountain is just an hour away and the beach 5 minutes. Just make sure it’s not summer or winter because there may be no snow or very cold water.

One of my favorite restaurants is called Smitty’s (yes, another pro) . They have breakfast, lunch, dinner and the key to solving the Monday, Sunday food crisis they are open all week (excluding events such as Christmas eve or day). there food is all local and tastes so good! In fact, if I had to pick a restaurant to keep and have the rest burn to ashes it would be smitty’s, because it has to many pros and almost no cons I can think of. Another reason it’s so good, is because almost nobody goes there so it’s a very quiet restaurant.

Another great part about Comox Valley is the variety of things to do, don’t let me get started on naming them (there is more then you would think). There is cadets (air, sea, army) sailing, swimming, (should have stopped me…) walking, biking, running, swimming lessons, volley ball, tennis… and so many more. We also have gyms, rec centers, tracks, hockey rinks, marinas, rivers and oceans.

If you are looking for an action-packed vacation go to Orlando, if you want to relax, go swimming, skiing, get good food then vacation here. The last pro of this post is going to be the nature. It is such a beautiful place here, we have the woods, oceans, beaches, marinas, mountains, glaciers (the picture at the top is Comox Glacier), lakes, rivers and so much more. We have trails leading through the forests which are perfect for peaceful walks.

This concludes my pros and cons about the Comox Valley I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading my post.

What is your favorite part about where you live?

Harris Burdick stories:Boy Wonder


Boy wonder 

April 21st, Friday 1996. It has been 24 hours since the accident at Greivers point, we didn’t believe what the locals from the area said about the accident but we took precautions just incase what they said is true. April 22nd, Saturday, The smoke is still rising from the laboratory, we thought the fire department would have put it out by now but no the plumb of black smoke just slowly rising every time we look out the window, taunting us to come near, like a cobra, somehow intriguing. April 23rdSunday, 3 days since the accident at Greivers point is when we start noticing little differences like noises and moved objects in other peoples yards like when Mr. Johnson’s pink flamingo got smashed. My mom is always  carefully peeking through our windows, trying to find something ,which reminded me of the people in Bigfoot documentaries, but not just that, she is being strange it started when she had to leave her job at the lab, it was so weird to see her like this because she usually seems more confident then dad. We were in the backyard helping my older sister with her garden, because I liked working around flowers, when we hard a CRASH!…to be continued 

10 Things I Would Not Like for Christmas




This is a Christmas themed post about 10 things I would NOT want for Christmas. I know there are lots of things like diseases or to die, but I am going to keep it simple, it has to be something that another person might want or something that won’t hurt/kill me because that thing would not be on anybody’s list. Also it has to have some sort of physical form.

Number 10: A jack in the box. I hate jack in the boxes, they are so scary mostly because they pop out at anytime as long as you’re winding them up and they look like Penny Wise form IT so not only a scary clown even though that’s enough to get it to my top 10 things I wouldn’t want fir Christmas but they had to also copy it off of something out of a horror movie. I had one of those things when I was four and I wouldn’t go into a room that contained it.

Number 9: A crappy computer. I know what you’re thinking, WHAT! WHY!! IT’S A COMPUTER!! Well I’ll tell you why, there are two computers in this world; ones that make you happy and ones that make you want to hang yourself, I would know. I used to have a garbage computer, not only was it cheap but it was also a dud (a dud is a thing that doesn’t work as good as it was advertised to) and when I tried to do something, well, anything on it would crash.

Number 8: My old neighbors. I know that sounds cruel but my neighbors who used to live next to my house were so annoying, I don’t know if you have had neighbors who knocked on your door every 45 minutes but I did, they were really nice (sometimes) but they were just too annoying.

Number 7: Homework. You are probably wondering, why is homework only number 7? Well, I’ll tell you, I don’t mind school, in fact I like it. But now you will be wondering, if you like school why is homework on your list? Well, that one is easy to answer. Even the kid who loves school the most out of every other kid in the world doesn’t like homework, nobody does because it cuts in to your personal time, time with friends, time with family (if that exists after the age of 6 when you learn how to use a laptop : D).

Number 6: Moving. Who likes moving? Nobody I know, but if you do comment why? I also really like my current house I’m living in so I would hate to have to move to a new house. Unless the house is really cool, you know like with a pool and stuff but moving still sucks. When you’re little it’s fun, sleeping in sleeping bags in your soon to be room until your bed arrives. But when your my age and internet=Life it’s not fun, well, unless you have Monopoly.

Number 5: A virus. Not a virus that kills you, I said nothing that would kill me I’m talking about a computer virus. They are terrible things that take over your computer and you’re probably thinking, how is a virus an object? Well, it isn’t, technically, but you can get it through one. No, not a computer. I believe you can sometimes get a virus through a memory stick, I think. So basically you plug it into computer with virus download document that has the virus upload it on your computer and there you go a virus for your very own… demise.

Number 4: School. I know on number 7 I said I like school, and truth be told I do, but School over Christmas is unheard of. If you have school on Christmas you want be able to open your presents till 3:00 :0. I don’t know about youbut I just love waking up waking up my sister, mom and running to my advent to find out they only have 24 days. After my 10-12 seconds of depression, I run to the Christmas tree but I only get to the room because he stop and my eyes widen, I stand there for like 20 seconds before I rip the wrapping paper so aggressively it will be used as confetti for my new year’s party.

Number 3: Tickets to go to Mars. Mars… fourth planet from the sun, closest planet to earth. One way trip… that’s why. It’s a death trap. You’ll be the first humans on another planet but one way trip, almost never aloud outside, death could be imminent at any moment, it’s a death trap… this is why it is number three. Of course, I wouldn’t have to go toMars even if I had the tickets but that’s just it. It’s nothing because I wouldn’t use them or at least until mars has been terraformed or something. So yeah… bad gift. And I know that the rules say you can’t have anything that could kill or hurt you but Mars isn’t the gift, the tickets are.

Number 2: A Clown: At number 10 I explained I am terrified of clowns so not a jack in the box but a real clown… I would not come out of my room as long as it was at my house because you never know what it would be doing. They wear makeup so you never know if there happy, sad, mad, confused or ready to kill. Of course, the chances of it actually being a murderer under the makeup are like 10,000 in one, but there still so scary.

Number 1: Money. I am just kidding? who doesn’t want money? Well, nobody, but I think it is safe to say that we do all want lots of that green stuff. Back to the real worst present. A card board box. Do I need to explain why this is a terrible present? Of course I do. First of all who in their right mind gets there 12 year old son a card board box. Second of all, if somebody did get me a cardboard box what would I do with it, when I was little and I was still creative because my mind wasn’t corrupted with candy and YouTube videos, I would pretend it was a truck, I used to love trucks when I was little and  third of all just why?

Thanks for reading my blog post on 10 things I would not like for Christmas. Comment below what your worst Christmas present would be and why? NOW GET LOST…uh, I mean thanks for reading and have a great day:D

Fright Nights!


Blue House 

A a week before Halloween and me, my sister (Ambar), and my dad, and I are leaving Vancouver island on BC ferries because we are going to Playland. If you don’t know what Playland is, it’s a small theme park and during October they have 8 haunted houses set up and when they do  they call It Fright Nights!!!

When we got to Horseshoe Bay, we drove down to the hotel. We checked in, dropped our stuff off and called a taxi to head down to Fight nights. When we arrived we had already bought passes so went in and showed the security people our tickets. But enough about that. Let,s get into the spooky stuff!

The first thing we did was explore the clown house. It was one of the best houses because it was 3D so we had to wear 3D glasses. We got to the front of the line, put on our glasses and went in (I am not going to spoil too much about the houses in case anybody decides to go). You first go through a mirror maze. I hit the pans of mirror twice because I was in front. Later we came to a room that had polka dots and there was an actor hiding in the corner but he was dressed in a polka dot suit. I hadn’t seen him when I walked past…I will never forget that…ever. Eventually we came to a place where you have to walk through a corridor but the walls were inflated. It was super fun!

 After that, we went to the new house which had a bunch of hillbillies in it. It wasn’t very scary although my dad ran ahead of us but when he tried to scare us it didn’t work because he had a red plaid jacket that someone could recognize from at least 600 meters away.

After that house, we wen’t to a house that had a massive mechanical demon in the front and when we went in, there were lots of catacombs and spiders  I have arachnophobia so… it didn’t go well for me when a massive mechanical spider jumped at me.

After the spider that half scared me to death, we wen’t down to a doll factory (I hate dolls, creepy or not, in my eyes there all evil) . After you wait in line, they take you into an elevator. About 30 seconds later, they let you out and you walk through a hall way, and there is a doll on a wheel chair that comes racing at you( not very scary, but I added it because I think it’s kind of funny). Later in the house you come to a room where there are multiple doors and they split you off but later you join back.

One of my favorite houses is called Fear. It basically has all the fears inside of it (including arachnophobia). I was more scared of the vicious dogs that jump at you than the spiders, but in the long run both were scary. There was a problem though last year for claustrophobia (fear of tight spaces that you can’t escape from) they put you in coffins but this year you just walk through a inflatable wall (at least it’s still fun) .

Another favorite of mine is Hollywood Horrors. You can find every famous horror film character in there like Freddy Crugar or jack from The shining. My favorite part of that house was in the end there was a guy with a chain saw. When he saw my sister he revved the chainsaw and pointed to my sister (you may think it is cruel but if you saw her face you would think other wise).

We wen’t to the original house as well because, why not? The original house is always open even in the summer, but we went to it anyway. My favorite part of this house is at the very end where you walk on a bridge over a spinning corridor that has blinking lights, it gives you horrible nausea, but it is so worth it.

That is the end of my blog post about the Fright nights at the PNE in Vancouver, thanks for reading and have a nice day. Have you ever been to an amusement park with haunted houses, if you have what was the scariest one? did it have actors in it? was there more then one house?

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Alex Rider: Super Spy


 Pigeon Man

Did you know that fourteen year old spies exist? Well they don’t unless you read the Alex Rider series. I love the series so that’s why I chose the main character of all the books.  In this blog post I will be sharing some learner traits that I think made Alex Rider who he is now. 

First of all, I think that Alex Rider’s most recognizable learner trait is definitely risk taking. I think he is a risk taker because he always gets himself into situations that are very dangerous. An example being when he was in the hot air balloon in England fighting one of Scorpia’s best men, after he discovered that what Scorpia’s Operation Invisible Sword was very lethal ( read the 5th book to understand more ).  

Another learner trait that I recognize in Alex Rider is industriousness because he gets his job done every single time. He never loses focus on what he has to do but it’s usually because whatever he is focusing on would have to be hard to forget because for Alex Rider it is something like a nuclear crisis or madmen with bullets flying all over the place. 

I think that his third most recognizable trait is confidenceEven though at some points in the books he is lacking the confidence to do something, he always finds and he is much more confident for even getting himself into situations like that in the first place. Some examples of his confidence are when he was trapped in the concrete  room while Venice was flooding and yet he had the courage to go down through the floor boards. Because there was no foundation, he fell into a hole full of water but there was a pipe. Long story short, he built up the courage to swim into a potential death trap. 

I want to conclude my post by saying how Alex Rider has shown that you can build up courage in any situation you are in no mater how difficult it might be. he shows that you can do anything even stuff you cant imagine yourself doing and yet you actually can, just like Alex Rider. 

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Alphabet of Me


studio g Stamp Set Block Letters

A. Ambar is my sister.

B. I use bold to identify what each letter symbolizes.

C. I have a Cat.

D. I have two Dogs.

E. My cat’s name is Eddie.

F. I love to have Fun.

G. We had a Goldfish but he died by age.

H. I have never been in a Helicopter before.

I. I like building stuff that Interlocks with each other like Lego.

J. I really like Jellyfish because there super cool but they can kill you as well if you’re not careful.

K. I used to do Karate but I don’t take lessons on it any more.

L. One of my dogs name’s is Lola.

M.  My other dogs name is Max.

N. I like Neon colors.

O.I love Orlando Florida because I love going to Universal Studios.

P. One day I think it would be cool to visit the pyramids of Egypt.

S. I love Sailing catamarans.

T. My name is Thai and I like Tigers.

U. My favorite gaming company is called Ubisoft.

V. I love to venture outside.

W. I love to go to Wild Play. 

X. I have never had to have an X-Ray before because I’m very lucky.

Y. My dog named Lola is very Yappy.

Z. I love going to Zoos.

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