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This is a Christmas themed post about 10 things I would NOT want for Christmas. I know there are lots of things like diseases or to die, but I am going to keep it simple, it has to be something that another person might want or something that won’t hurt/kill me because that thing would not be on anybody’s list. Also it has to have some sort of physical form.

Number 10: A jack in the box. I hate jack in the boxes, they are so scary mostly because they pop out at anytime as long as you’re winding them up and they look like Penny Wise form IT so not only a scary clown even though that’s enough to get it to my top 10 things I wouldn’t want fir Christmas but they had to also copy it off of something out of a horror movie. I had one of those things when I was four and I wouldn’t go into a room that contained it.

Number 9: A crappy computer. I know what you’re thinking, WHAT! WHY!! IT’S A COMPUTER!! Well I’ll tell you why, there are two computers in this world; ones that make you happy and ones that make you want to hang yourself, I would know. I used to have a garbage computer, not only was it cheap but it was also a dud (a dud is a thing that doesn’t work as good as it was advertised to) and when I tried to do something, well, anything on it would crash.

Number 8: My old neighbors. I know that sounds cruel but my neighbors who used to live next to my house were so annoying, I don’t know if you have had neighbors who knocked on your door every 45 minutes but I did, they were really nice (sometimes) but they were just too annoying.

Number 7: Homework. You are probably wondering, why is homework only number 7? Well, I’ll tell you, I don’t mind school, in fact I like it. But now you will be wondering, if you like school why is homework on your list? Well, that one is easy to answer. Even the kid who loves school the most out of every other kid in the world doesn’t like homework, nobody does because it cuts in to your personal time, time with friends, time with family (if that exists after the age of 6 when you learn how to use a laptop : D).

Number 6: Moving. Who likes moving? Nobody I know, but if you do comment why? I also really like my current house I’m living in so I would hate to have to move to a new house. Unless the house is really cool, you know like with a pool and stuff but moving still sucks. When you’re little it’s fun, sleeping in sleeping bags in your soon to be room until your bed arrives. But when your my age and internet=Life it’s not fun, well, unless you have Monopoly.

Number 5: A virus. Not a virus that kills you, I said nothing that would kill me I’m talking about a computer virus. They are terrible things that take over your computer and you’re probably thinking, how is a virus an object? Well, it isn’t, technically, but you can get it through one. No, not a computer. I believe you can sometimes get a virus through a memory stick, I think. So basically you plug it into computer with virus download document that has the virus upload it on your computer and there you go a virus for your very own… demise.

Number 4: School. I know on number 7 I said I like school, and truth be told I do, but School over Christmas is unheard of. If you have school on Christmas you want be able to open your presents till 3:00 :0. I don’t know about youbut I just love waking up waking up my sister, mom and running to my advent to find out they only have 24 days. After my 10-12 seconds of depression, I run to the Christmas tree but I only get to the room because he stop and my eyes widen, I stand there for like 20 seconds before I rip the wrapping paper so aggressively it will be used as confetti for my new year’s party.

Number 3: Tickets to go to Mars. Mars… fourth planet from the sun, closest planet to earth. One way trip… that’s why. It’s a death trap. You’ll be the first humans on another planet but one way trip, almost never aloud outside, death could be imminent at any moment, it’s a death trap… this is why it is number three. Of course, I wouldn’t have to go toMars even if I had the tickets but that’s just it. It’s nothing because I wouldn’t use them or at least until mars has been terraformed or something. So yeah… bad gift. And I know that the rules say you can’t have anything that could kill or hurt you but Mars isn’t the gift, the tickets are.

Number 2: A Clown: At number 10 I explained I am terrified of clowns so not a jack in the box but a real clown… I would not come out of my room as long as it was at my house because you never know what it would be doing. They wear makeup so you never know if there happy, sad, mad, confused or ready to kill. Of course, the chances of it actually being a murderer under the makeup are like 10,000 in one, but there still so scary.

Number 1: Money. I am just kidding? who doesn’t want money? Well, nobody, but I think it is safe to say that we do all want lots of that green stuff. Back to the real worst present. A card board box. Do I need to explain why this is a terrible present? Of course I do. First of all who in their right mind gets there 12 year old son a card board box. Second of all, if somebody did get me a cardboard box what would I do with it, when I was little and I was still creative because my mind wasn’t corrupted with candy and YouTube videos, I would pretend it was a truck, I used to love trucks when I was little and  third of all just why?

Thanks for reading my blog post on 10 things I would not like for Christmas. Comment below what your worst Christmas present would be and why? NOW GET LOST…uh, I mean thanks for reading and have a great day:D

6 thoughts on “10 Things I Would Not Like for Christmas

    • Thai

      Thanks for commenting on my blog, what was your favorite part about stuff I wouldn’t like for Christmas?
      From, Thai

  1. Wendy Romero

    Hello Thai,
    I enjoyed reading this. I definitely would not want homework for Christmas either. What fun would that be. I would not want school either. I do not want school as it is, let alone on Christmas. Now if it were me, I do not want coal for Christmas. HAHA. Like what am I going to do with coal. Hope when Christmas came around you did not get any of the things on this list. 😀

    BYE BYE,

    • Thai

      Hi Wendy,
      Thanks for commenting on my Christmas list from my night mares, this might sound weird but i wouldn’t mind coal for Christmas for a couple reasons, 1 it would sell for money, 2 it would work better then fire wood, 3 IT WOULD SELL FOR MONEY!!!!!!!… yeah, i said it would sell for money twice. What would your number 1 be on my list.
      Sincerely Thai.

  2. Sarah

    Hi Thai! It’s Sarah.
    I really enjoyed reading this! Up until you told me, I had no idea what a virus is, but from your description, it sounds like it really does belong on your list. You know what I wouldn’t want? (It’s kinda obvious, but, well, it’s true…)

    DEATH. I would not want DEATH for Christmas.
    Anyway, have a great day!

    • Thai

      Hi Sarah, thanks for commenting on my Christmas post. What was your number 1 thing you wouldn’t wan’t for Christmas but excluding things that could hurt or kill you or other people. And yes… viruses suck, they pretty much cause to get a new computer. I had a virus infect me computer once and I lost all my memory after the tech people fixed it.
      Have a great day, Thai.

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