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I live in a Province (Canadian version of States) called British Columbia. B.C. is a very cool place, it has mountains for skiing and beaches for swimming. You may think Canada is a cold, desolate place where everyone lives in igloos and wears fur Parkas, but we don’t. Our province (B.C.) ranges from mountains that will force you into igloos, but we also have places like Osoyoos where the water is as warm as the summer oceans in California and is surrounded by desert.

I live on an island called Vancouver Island, in a town called Comox. Comox is the best. Comox has beaches 5 minutes from your house and mountains for skiing, like Mount Washington.

Today in this post I will be talking about the pros and cons in the Comox Valley (Comox Courtenay and Cumberland). One of the cons that doesn’t always matter, but when you are lazy and don’t wan’t to get groceries and just need a bite to eat on Monday or Sunday, good luck, because there is nothing open ever, unless you don’t mind fast food. Now for a pro, one of the best things about the Valley is that you can go (if you are good with time) from skiing and to the beach in the same day because the mountain is just an hour away and the beach 5 minutes. Just make sure it’s not summer or winter because there may be no snow or very cold water.

One of my favorite restaurants is called Smitty’s (yes, another pro) . They have breakfast, lunch, dinner and the key to solving the Monday, Sunday food crisis they are open all week (excluding events such as Christmas eve or day). there food is all local and tastes so good! In fact, if I had to pick a restaurant to keep and have the rest burn to ashes it would be smitty’s, because it has to many pros and almost no cons I can think of. Another reason it’s so good, is because almost nobody goes there so it’s a very quiet restaurant.

Another great part about Comox Valley is the variety of things to do, don’t let me get started on naming them (there is more then you would think). There is cadets (air, sea, army) sailing, swimming, (should have stopped me…) walking, biking, running, swimming lessons, volley ball, tennis… and so many more. We also have gyms, rec centers, tracks, hockey rinks, marinas, rivers and oceans.

If you are looking for an action-packed vacation go to Orlando, if you want to relax, go swimming, skiing, get good food then vacation here. The last pro of this post is going to be the nature. It is such a beautiful place here, we have the woods, oceans, beaches, marinas, mountains, glaciers (the picture at the top is Comox Glacier), lakes, rivers and so much more. We have trails leading through the forests which are perfect for peaceful walks.

This concludes my pros and cons about the Comox Valley I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading my post.

What is your favorite part about where you live?

4 thoughts on “Where I Live: Beautiful Vancouver Island

  1. Alli

    Those are many reasons to love the Comox Valley. I like all those reasons plus one more big one….golf of course!!!! We have fabulous courses all around. From the Comox golf club which is literally in the centre of town to Glacier Greens to our championship Graham Cooke course, Crown Isle….you can ski and golf in the same day too ( if your timing is good).
    If I didn’t live here I would want to travel here after reading your post!

  2. David Clark

    Cool. Great job, bud. Your blog told me things I didn’t know about the valley. Like Smitty’s is a great restaurant – your favorite. Next time we dine out, Smitty’s it will be.
    Bow Wow

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